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Mediterranean Inspired Innovation

Microsystems from Mallorca

Located in Mallorca (Spain), in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sealicon team enjoys the inspiration of a unique location to translate it into cutting-edge technology and products

Working on a collaborative and open manner

At Sealicon Microsystems, we establish win-win strategies with our customers and partners to develop our products. Customer know-how on their market and application is a very valueable asset for us. Combined with our capabilities for IC design and production, we translate “ideas to products” in an outstanding manner.

Alongside with our FGDOS® technology for smart radiation sensors, our expertise is in IC design and production services, high-voltage and optoelectronic IC design, safety-oriented products and custom assembly of complex microsystems.

Thanks to our sister company iC-Haus GmbH , we handle the entire supply chain, from definition and prototyping, to IC production, packaging and custom assembly.

Sealicon ic Malaga
At a glance

Integrated Circuits Malaga S.L. (ICMA), proprietary of Sealicon Microsystems is an analog & mixed-sigal IC design company with more than 15 years experience in ASIC development and custom IC design.

In 2018, ICMA spin-off its radiation sensor bussiness line under Sealicon Microsystems trademark.
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