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Floating Gate Dosimeter (FGDOS®)


  • 8-bit radiation dose-to-digital converter
  • I2C Interface (I2C Slave)
  • Programmable dose range: 0-10Gy / 0-50Gy
  • Temperature monitor integrated on-chip
  • Analog mode: dose voltage output
  • Passive detection mode (zero power consumption)
  • 2.5V to 5V supply voltage
  • Low current consumption: 20uA at 2.5V
  • Standby Mode current 2uA


FGD-04D is a digital radiation sensor based in FGDOS® principle. The IC senses and records the accumulated ionizing radiation dose, even when there is no power supply (zero-power sensor). The IC needs to be powered-up only during dose reading, providing truly passive dosimetry with instant read-out capability.

FGD-04D is an I2C slave with 8-bit dose-to-digital converter. The accumulated dose can be read in 8-bit format through standard I2C interface. An analog mode is also supported, the IC is configured as simple plug&play analog sensor, and dose information is provided as analog output voltage.

The IC also incorporates a temperature sensor for temperature dependency correction via post-processing.


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DFN6 2mm x 2mm