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Space Dosimetry

Space & Defense-Space Dosimetry

Reach for the sky with FGDOS® technology

Space electronics need to deal with harsh environments, being ionizing radiation exposure one of the major concerns.

With massive deployment of small satellites for communication services, surveillance or environmental analysis, there is a growing trend on using lower cost, commercial off-the shell (COTS) devices, which are less robust to radiation than space-oriented rad-hard components. In this scenario, it is crucial to ensure on-board electronics are not over-exposed to dangerous radiation levels that can cause malfunction of the system of service interruption.

FGDOS® dosimeters work as health check and warning for these space electronic systems. Due to its miniaturization and "zero power" feature, they can remain in idle state most of the time, not increasing the average power budget of the system and allowing the use of multiple dosimeters in different parts of the satellite.


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