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Personal Dosimetry

The perfect companion for smart TLD or OSL dosimeters or cost-effective digital dosimeter

Medical-Personal Dosimetry

Combine the best of passive and active dosimeters with FGDOS® technology

Personal dosimeters must be worn by any worker that may be exposed to ionizing radiation, typically hospital environments or nuclear power plants. Active dosimeters (electronic, requiring batteries) and passive dosimeters (TLD, OSL, etc) have been conventionally used, both having their pros and cons. FGDOS® sensor ICs detect and store total radiation dose information indefinitely, requiring zero power for that, making them ideal for passive dosimetry applications.

Having integrated readout on-chip, dose information can be read immediately as a digital value, avoiding conventional procedures of sending the dosimeter for analysis (which may require days) and associated external control reports.

FGDOS® radiation sensors can be used in standalone manner or in combination with TLD or OSL badges for alarm purposes, warning when the badge may need to be sent for analysis . Integrating FGDOS® technology in radiation protective equipment, like aprons, gloves or glasses, can also enhance information tracking capabilities for these equipment.


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