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ASIC Design and IC Services

Custom Analog IC Design and TurnKey Solutions

We are constantly exploring and identifying niche markets where our ICs serve our customers as the differential factor between the average and the excellence.


Let us know about your application

Collaborating with our cusotmers on new product definition is a key step in whole the process. We actively involve in the definition of the best strategy to define and implement a product that stands out .

Instead of following a conventional ASIC vs  ASSP differentiation, we offer different options for partnering and collaborating on IC definiton, design and production. Balancing different variables like design costs, rights of ownership, exclusivity, etc, customer may win acces to silicon and integration capabilities by establishing strategic collaboration with Sealicon Microsystems. 


Handling the entire supply chain:  From product definition to turnkey solutions


In addition to the development and validation of first prototypes on silicon, Sealicon Microsystems  provides full supply chain management for series production of customer specific IC products. Thanks to our partnership with our sister company iC-Haus GmbH, we offer IC production, packaging and custom assembly services.


Our fields of expertise

  • Sensor ICs : radiation, optical and magnetic.  Sensor on-chip + Interface circuit integration.
  • RadHard IC Design.
  • High-Voltage, High-Power
  • Safety-oriented applications
  • Custom assembly solutions
asic design and ic services